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The average life expectancy of Japanese people is 83 years, the highest in the world. However, the lifespan of teeth is among the lowest among advanced countries. Why is that? It's not because Japanese people are more prone to tooth decay compared to foreigners. It all comes down to whether "preventive dentistry" has been widely embraced or not.

Recently, “preventive” is focused in medical community.
We find and treat the factor of disease early and prevent disease.
This medical care is given importance now.
As in dental medical community, this treatment is also highly valued.
There are treatments which protect and prompt oral health before patients
have pain.
In other words, these are fundamental and preventive treatments which remove the factors of disease.

  • Polish and fill when people have decayed teeth
  • Remove nerves when people feel pain
  • Extract teeth when people have teeth moving

・・・ These are traditional dental treatments.

As above picture, because the factor of decayed teeth is not removed in traditional treatment, diseases will occur again and again.
We should polish your original teeth and life span of teeth will be shorter accordingly.
In our clinic, however, we plan preventive program (=i-Preventive) in line with patients’ life stages. We then achieve our policy “eat by my own teeth for life.”

i-Preventive along with life stage

1. For expectant mothers

a.Difference and problems of intra-oral

Many expectant mothers hard to brush their teeth as usual because of hormone imbalance and morning sickness. Plaque and dental tartar increase and intra-oral will change acid. They tend to have decayed teeth and periodontal disease.

b.Preventive treatment from minus 1 years old ~Prevention for mother-to-child transmission~

Q. When is the best time children start to receive preventive treatment?

The correct answer is "from pregnancies before birth".

“Preventive treatment from minus 1 years old” means that it is important to prevent decayed teeth of babies from when they are in their mother’s belly.

New babies have no bacteria in their mouth and bacteria are transmitted through saliva of babies’ family, especially mothers. From 18 months old to 3 years old babies have bacteria in their mouth. To prevent your babies from bacteria, their mothers and family should receive treatment and preventive therapy.
It is important to decrease bacteria in mouth.

That graph shows the amount of bacteria in mother’s mouth and means
rate of children who get decayed teeth.

The more mothers have bacteria, the easier children get decayed teeth.
For child’s prevention of decayed teeth,
mothers should think a great deal of their own oral health at first.

c.Prevention of periodontal disease during pregnancy

There is shocking data. If mothers have periodontal disease, they have 7.5 times greater risk of premature birth and low-weight baby.
Periodontal treatment is essential to avoid those troubles. In case of gingivitis in an early stage, it is of considerable benefit that you get just cleaning and removing plaque.

d.i-Preventive for expectant mothers~Contents~

We examine decayed teeth and periodontal disease and instruct you eating habits and self-care in line with your oral condition and life style.
In addition, we remove dental tartar, provide PMTC (Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning) and apply concentrated fluoride.
We aspire to establish a conformist which every mother get comfortable treatment and we also hope to protect babies and healthy teeth.

2. For children

a.To keep oral health for life ~Preventive treatment for babies and children~

Oral health is connected to general health.
If people receive dental treatment from when they are children, it is possible that they keep a lot of permanent teeth and enjoy meals with their own teeth even when they get old.
According to statistics, over 24 years olds seldom have new decayed teeth. From when they are children, preventive treatment is important to protect their healthy teeth.

Growing children tend to have decayed teeth but teeth are going to be strong.
After the age of 20, the number of new decayed teeth decrease dramatically.

Reference Text of child dentistry

b. Decayed teeth prevention Scheme of decayed teet

The Formation of Tooth Decay

When the bacteria in the plaque on the teeth consume sugar, they produce "acid." This acid then dissolves the teeth and causes tooth decay.

Tooth decay cannot be reversed. In children, tooth decay progresses quickly, and the treatments can be challenging for them. Therefore, prevention is crucial to avoid tooth decay.

The susceptibility to tooth decay varies from person to person. Having a high number of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth increases the risk of developing tooth decay.

At our clinic, we conduct a "saliva test (i-Caries test)" to examine the quantity and quality of saliva, as well as the presence of cavity-causing bacteria. This helps us understand the likelihood of tooth decay and identify the underlying causes.

With this i-oral cavity test, we can plan and provide the preventive program for each patient.

5 points in our preventive treatment of child’s decayed teeth

  • Proper eating habits
  • Teeth brushing habits
  • Fluoride
  • Regular check-up & maintenance
  • Sealant

①Proper eating habits

It is important to decide eating and snack time and the size of them. According to the risks each child has, we guide about meals and nutrition.

②Teeth brushing habits

Daily teeth brushing is a base of prevention of decayed teeth. We doctors and dental hygienists tell you how to brush teeth in polite way.


To prevent decayed teeth, it is important to use fluoride.

Q.What’s fluoride?

Fluoride is one of natural elements which strengthen teeth. It is the most effective element to make teeth strong and it used to prevent decayed teeth.
Actually, we always eat fluoride which is essential nutrient. We should care our teeth at home and we should receive professional care in dental clinic.
This is the most effective.

A case of self-care by fluoride

Fluoride mouth-rinsing

We can prevent decayed teeth by this rinsing after tooth brushing .If with fluoride mouthwash..

④Regular check-up & maintenance

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find early decayed tooth. To prevent it, we need to remove bacteria and dental tartar. Checking your tooth brushing and applying fluoride on teeth are also needed, so we recommend you receive regular check-up and maintenance.


We fill teeth space with sealant which is composed of tree resin and fluoride because new adult teeth are week and they have deeper teeth space.

c.c. Prevention for afunctional occlusion

Prevention of afunctional occlusion and treatment; Oral Functional Orthodontic Therapy

Afunctional occlusion means that teeth are not lined straight or upper and lower jaw cannot engage. If you are in this condition, you are difficult to bite meals and cannot pronounce in right way. In addition, you become to have periodontal disease (gum disease) and decayed teeth easily.

When growing children have afunctional occlusion, it has an affect to their growth. We recommend you to approach dentists if you mind and of course we can treat it.

Oral Functional Orthodontic Therapy (OFOT) is the treatment which promote growth of body, head and jaw and get teeth straightened. Patients will get not only beautiful teeth arrangement but also heathy arrangement and occlusion. They support patients’ general health.

If you mind your or your child’s teeth arrangement, visit the page of OFOT.

d. Prevention for periodontal disease

Children, at the time of puberty, have a strong tendency to get periodontal disease. 12 or 13years old children have all adult tooth except for wisdom teeth and as this, more they have inflammation on their gum.

Correct teeth brushing and eating habits are preventive base of periodontal disease. We hope patients and their children to get regular instruction of brushing and PMTC (Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning) for prevention.

e. i-Preventive for children

We examine decayed teeth, occlusion and gingivitis at first. As oral condition and life style, we guide nutrition and tooth brushing enough. If children at earlier age, we instruct patients about finish brushing. We also get children to wash their mouth with fluoride by age and we apply highly-concentrated fluoride, sealant and PMTC.

The first goal is healthy permanent dentition.

Most children receive our prevention, are caries free.
(Caries means decayed teeth.)

3. For adults

a. To keep your oral health for life –Prevention for adults-

Adults should focus on caries on dental roots because of gingival recession. Especially we recommend to care about periodontitis. It is said that 60% people who lost their teeth had periodontitis. If we get periodontitis, gum will melt. When it proceed, we will lose teeth.

b. Prevention of periodontal disease

Most people after age 40 have periodontal disease. It becomes clear periodontal disease occur systemic illness such as cerebral stroke, heart attack, diabetes and pneumonia.

Prevention of periodontal disease is important to protect general health.

Systemic diseases which are involved in periodontal disease.

Relationship between periodontal disease and systemic disease Excerpts from the Q & A at good dentist 2012

Please check “Periodontics” page if you are interested in our treatment.

c. Needs of regular check-up and maintenance

We control oral condition regularly to keep oral health and this is the maintenance. Diseases will occur again if you do not care your mouth properly.
There are a little bit bacteria in mouth after periodontal treatment finished but when you get sloppy with tooth brushing and maintenance, bacteria will increase and become active again. This also cause periodontal disease.

Maintenance is essential to prevent periodontitis.

  • A number of caries
    1.8 tooth surface/30y.
  • A number of lost teeth
    0.4/30・・・0.4 teeth/30y.
  • Periodontal disease risk
    Most of them will be cured and preventable
A paper about 30 years effect of proper maintenance
Realization of 『Eat by your own teeth for life』

We can eat by our own teeth for life when we brush teeth and get proper maintenance.
It is demonstrated scientifically, for example, Dr. Axelson.
His program was provided to people who has over 20 vital teeth.
In the case, only 0.4 teeth was lost, only 1 caries was occurred and periodontal disease was nearly recovered in 30years.

There is a little difference based on age, so it shows that we can keep our teeth at any age. His program comes under the spot light and we also get achieve it.

He had lost only 1 tooth in 12years and he has 24 vital teeth at the age of 81..

We have been focused on preventive treatment since we practiced.
Would you like to have our preventive program to achieve “eat by your own teeth” ?

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