Dental Hygienist Staff Wanted

We are a dental clinic with a European-style ambiance.

Would you like to join us in a cheerful atmosphere with friendly patients and the laughter of our bright staff, where you can learn and have fun from the basics?
  • I want to do more work that truly represents a dental hygienist!
  • I want to learn preventive dentistry and periodontal treatment from the basics!
  • I want to see the smiles of patients!

This dental clinic is perfect for individuals like you.

The working hours are 40 hours per week with 2 days off. The days off include Sundays, public holidays, and one weekday off (on a rotating shift basis). On Saturdays, there is a 5-hour shift. Additionally, on Thursday afternoons, there is an internal seminar lasting 4 hours. These activities are included within the 40-hour working week. There are also year-end and summer vacations available.

In addition, for those who aspire to advance as dental hygienists, we provide guidance for obtaining the certification of the Japanese Society of Periodontology Certified Dental Hygienist. As the clinic director is a certified specialist of the Japanese Society of Periodontology, it is easier to acquire the necessary credits compared to regular clinics. Improving your own skills not only benefits the patients but also yourself and society. With this belief in mind, our clinic values an environment that fosters self-improvement.

Furthermore, the staff at our clinic are very close-knit. We often organize social gatherings and outings to strengthen our bond outside of work.

All staff members are working together to ensure the oral health of our patients. Why not enhance your skills in a fulfilling work environment and training system? We welcome you to visit and observe. Please feel free to contact us.

A message from senior employees

Dental Hygienist, Kiwako Ogawa

In our clinic, we focus on preventive dental care because we aim for our patients to enjoy eating with their own teeth throughout their lifetime.

For each patient, we allocate one hour of treatment time to provide thorough care. After examination and diagnosis, we create a treatment plan that includes periodontal basic treatment and maintenance. There are many tasks in this treatment process that dental hygienists are involved in.

Dental hygienists study for three years at a dental hygienist school and obtain a national qualification to work in this field. However, even though the position of dental hygienist is becoming more established, I feel that there are still many dental hygienists who can only perform assistant-like tasks, which is a waste.

Of course, in the first year, it's not possible to handle difficult tasks immediately, so we gradually master things like examination techniques and assisting in treatments. As the years go by, you will become a competent dental hygienist who can perform the job with confidence. We also actively participate in conferences and make presentations. Engaging with external medical institutions expands our perspectives. Above all, the most enjoyable aspect is being able to work while witnessing the improvement and oral health of our patients. It is a highly rewarding environment.

We are looking for individuals who can work hard with us.

Dental Hygienist Machiko Tejima

When I first joined the company, I started working as a full-time employee, but after going through pregnancy and childbirth, I am currently working as a part-time employee. Many of my friends who work as dental hygienists leave their jobs after giving birth, but at Ichimaru Dental, we have a supportive environment that makes it easy to take maternity and childcare leave, allowing me to feel at ease during pregnancy and childbirth.

Even after returning to work, there are times when I need to take sudden leave due to my child's illness or other reasons. However, when I come back to work the next day, everyone, including the clinic director and staff, shows concern by asking, "Is your child okay?" They understand my situation and reassure me, even though I feel sorry for suddenly taking time off. At times like these, I realize how fortunate I am to be working at Ichimaru Dental, where the work environment and staff are so supportive.

Even after marriage and childbirth, Ichimaru Dental provides a comfortable working environment. Why don't you consider working at Ichimaru Dental with us?

Dental Hygienist Yuka Yoshitomi

I am Yuka Yoshitomi, a dental hygienist.
At Ichimaru Dental Clinic, I have been given the opportunity to learn various things. I aim to continue striving for improvement every day in the future.

Dental Hygienist Recruitment Guidelines

Weekdays 9:00~13:00(1-hour lunch break)14:00~18:45
Saturday 8:30~13:30

◎40 hours per week・2days off per week (full weekends)


Sundays, public holidays, and one weekday off per week (on a rotating schedule)

  • Monthly salary of 240,000 yen (from April, 5th year of employment for new graduates)
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Bonuses are paid twice a year (subject to bonus regulations)

For those who are certified by the Japanese Society of Periodontology as dental hygienists.

Additionally, a separate allowance of 4,000 yen per month is provided.

When participating in external seminars:

Seminar participation fees and transportation expenses will be reimbursed.
A compensatory day off (weekday) will be granted.

Recruitment for Medical Office Staff

A clerical position where you can fully demonstrate your strengths

  • You can work with friendly patients and cheerful staff!
  • You will become knowledgeable about various dental topics, including preventive dentistry and periodontal treatment!
  • It's a rewarding job that contributes to the satisfaction of our patients and brings joy!

No experience is required. Our administrative staff will provide solid support, so you don't have to worry.

We are a new type of dental clinic that emphasizes preventive dentistry with the motto of "eating with your own teeth for a lifetime." We offer high-quality dental treatments based on preventive dentistry and incorporate advanced procedures such as periodontal therapy and implant dentistry.

The working hours are 40 hours per week with 2 days off.

You will have a day off on Sundays, national holidays, and one weekday (based on a shift schedule).
We also provide summer vacation during the Bon Festival period and year-end holidays.
On Saturdays, you will work for 5 hours.
On Thursday afternoons, we conduct in-house seminars for 4 hours.
Seminars are scheduled during regular working hours, and it is part of the 40-hour workweek.
When attending external seminars, we provide reimbursement for participation fees, transportation expenses, and compensatory leave.
We have enjoyable company trips, making it a fun workplace.

Would you like to work joyfully alongside patients and dental professionals (dentists and dental hygienists) in a fulfilling work environment? We also welcome visitors for observation.

A message from senior employees

Receptionist: Arisa Matsuo

After graduating from university, I joined the company. I had no knowledge of dentistry at the time, so I was unsure if I could manage well. However, the senior staff members kindly taught me and my worries gradually disappeared. Reception and administrative tasks involve various responsibilities related to the dental practice and the overall clinic management. Let's work together as a vital support at Kuranoue Ichimaru Dental Clinic.

Medical Office Staff Recruitment Information

Weekdays 9:00~18:45 (1-hour lunch break)
There are days when we take lunch breaks early and days when we take lunch breaks later.
Saturday 8:30~13:30

◎40 hours per week・2days off per week (full weekends)


We have Sundays, public holidays, one weekday off per week (on a rotating schedule), and year-end and New Year holidays.

  • Starting from 225,000 yen per month (for university graduates). Please contact us even if you are not a university graduate.
  • Skill-based allowances will be considered based on your experience and qualifications.
  • Bonuses will be paid twice a year (subject to bonus regulations).

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Contact: 0942-81-5410

Regarding visitation:

Our clinic maintains a highly clean environment inside.
We utilize oral external vacuum systems to ensure air purification.
Disposable gloves and masks are worn to provide a safe environment for our staff.

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