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Vice Director Yamaguchi Obtains Certification as a "Periodontal Specialist" from the Japanese Society of Periodontology

Vice Director Yamaguchi has recently become a Periodontal Specialist certified by the Japanese Society of Periodontology. This is a higher rank than the certified doctor, indicating a more advanced level of expertise in periodontology.

Together with Director Ichimaru, who is also a Periodontal Specialist and Instructor, we will continue to strive to ensure that you can receive treatment with peace of mind.

If you have any concerns about your oral health, please feel free to consult with us.

Our staff participated in the 66th Spring Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Periodontology on-demand.

In the hygienist session, it was a lecture about the relationship between saliva and teeth. Saliva works to prevent tooth decay. The amount of saliva secreted per day is said to be 700ml for adults and 500ml for children. We heard that fluoridated mouthwash before going to bed is effective in preventing tooth decay because saliva secretion is less at night than in the morning and noon.
We have also introduced fluoride mouthwash at our clinic, and we provide guidance on how to use it at the first visit. If you are interested, please contact our clinic and let's aim for zero cavities together!
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