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A certified periodontist and instructor is available and responsible for treatment

As adults, let's prevent and treat cavities and periodontal disease to keep our teeth healthy.
At our clinic, we can treat most periodontal diseases.
Therefore, we make it possible for everyone to eat with their own teeth for a lifetime.

And periodontal disease

A.Periodontal disease(gum disease) will cause losing teeth

Periodontal disease is infectious disease caused by plaque between tooth and gum. Gum and alveolar bone will be eroded away.
If it becomes severe, you lose your teeth, possibly.
Gingivitis and periodontitis are periodontal disease.

1.Healthy condition

It is composed of cementum, gum, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament(it is fiber connect tooth and alveolar bone).
There is gingivitis sulcus between tooth and gum.
If you have health teeth, gingivitis sulcus is about from 0.5mm to 2mm. And gum sticks to teeth tightly.


Plaque gather between tooth and gum and gum is swollen. Gingivitis sulcus become deeper and there is gingival pocket.

3.Slight periodontitis

Plaque and dental culculus stick to gingival pocket. Gum’s inflammation get worse and alveolar bone start to melt. So, gingival pocket become deeper.
Gum get down and most people find them when they brushing.

4.Moderate periodontitis

Gingival pocket gets deeper and alveolar bone melt more and more so, tooth looks longer and begin to move.

5.Heavy periodontitis

You cannot bite well because of loss of alveolar bone and tooth moving. Tooth falls out easily and you will have bad breath.

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B.Relation with systematic disease

Periodontal disease have relation to not only oral trouble but also systematic disease. The toxin or materials which periodontal bacteria made will go into your blood and they will affect your whole body.
Periodontal bacteria is said that they have relation to diabetes, heart attack, pneumonia and low birth weight infant.
To protect your entire body health, periodontal disease’s prevention and treatment are important.

C.Periodontal disease have no subjective symptom but we have prevention and treatment method

  • If you do not prevent, you have possibility of falling periodontal disease
  • When you have a subjective symptom, periodontal disease have already progressed
  • This disease will not cure itself. You need professional care of dental doctor and hygienists
  • If you receive correct treatment, gingivitis, slight and moderate periodontitis will be cured
  • Correct preventions keep periodontal diseases off
  • We can cure even heavy periodontitis by advanced treatments

Our treatment “i-Perio”

A.Treatment steps for basic periodontal disease

Examination and diagnosis

We ask your troubles, whole body condition and your habits in private room.
Doctors check your alveolar bone through X-ray. Dental hygienist measure the thickness of gum, amount of bacteria and the depth between teeth and gum
In addition to, we have the whole oral examinations such as checking decayed teeth and bite.

Treatment plan and clear explanation

Doctors make a treatment plan based on diagnosis and you can get clear information about it.
We show you the plan, term of treatment, advantages and disadvantages.

Basic treatments
Brushing instruction “i-PC”

We tell the correct ways to reduce periodontal bacteria to each patient.

Scaling ”i-SC”

Doctors and dental hygienists remove the plaque and dental calculus.

Treatment for decayed teeth and wrong bite
Examination after treatment

We check patient’s oral condition get well nor not.

Maintenance “i-maintenance”

Treatment gets finished, we would like you to receive maintenance.
Dental hygienists provide professional care and tell you how to care in your home.
So, we want you to come once a two or six months to keep your implants with home care and professional care.

B. Additional Treatment

We can cure most of periodontitis with basic treatments like above, however, some heavy or progressive cases need additional treatment.

1.Surgical periodontal treatment

①Flap operation

In this operation, we will cut and open gum and remove dental calculus which is deep into periodontal pocket.

This is deep periodontal pocket. We cannot remove the hidden plaque and dental calculus only by scaling.

So, we cut and open gum to clean perfectly.

We remove plaque and dental calculus by scaler and bacteria is turned out.

Removing is finished. Finally, we suture gum and inflammation will be healed.

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②regenerative medicine

In this operation, we will regenerate alveolar bone which is lost because of heavy periodontitis.


We cut and open bum and remove all plaque and dental calculus and inject emdogain. Then, alveolar bone will be regenerated.

Alveolar bone is lost locally.
Far as it will take a firm tartar and plaque in flap surgery.
I applied the gel Emudogein. Play therapy is effective for missing local.
I will suture the gums. It takes about one year alveolar bone to increase.
Reference: nico (Qintessence Publishing)

b.GTR(Guided Tissue Regeneration)

We remove plaque and dental calculus which is deep into pocket. After that, we cover affected part with special membrane and suture gum.
Then, alveolar bone will be reproduced.

Alveolar bone is lost locally.
Remove plaque and dental calculus which is deep into pocket
We cover the defected part with membrane to make space for new alveolar bone.
After we remove membrane, there is the tissue which be able to become alveolar bone.
1 year after, we get new alveolar bone.
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③Periodontal plastic surgery

We will repair the gum or establish steady gum around your teeth.
You will be able to get beautiful and great gum.

2.Special medicine

Cleaning up periodontal bacteria with special medicine.

3.Implant or dental prosthesis

Implant treatment for defected part and making crown which prevent periodontitis.

4. Guide for life style

Smoking is risk factor of periodontitis. We will guide not to smoke as possible as you can.
Sometime, we guide for meals and drinks.

Character of our periodontal treatment (i-Perio)

Our goal・・・Eating by your own teeth for life

We treat while considering not only patients’ oral condition but also the whole body health such as systemic disease and life style.
In addition, we operate fundamental treatment which is established.

On the other hand, we adopt international information and high rated advanced treatments. With these, we can achieve “Eating by your own teeth for life.”

Plaque control (i-PC)

Periodontal bacteria is factor of periodontal disease. We would like you to clean up the bacteria by brushing mainly. It called plaque control.
We will practice plaque control perfectly while standing in the position of patients, and we will find the best plaque control way with patients.
Because of privacy room, you can practice plaque control at ease.

Scaling (i-SC)

Scaling is secondly important. Dental calculus also cause periodontal disease, and they stick to deep between tooth and gum.
To remove them, we need high level technique.
Unfortunately, now there are small number of doctor and dental hygienist who have the technique.
In our clinic, doctors or dental hygienists take it away accurately by scalar or ultrasonic scalar.


Ultrasonic scalar
High rated treatment

Please do not give up if you have heavy periodontitis, we will treat with our “i-surgery.”
Such as regeneration treatment can save even bad teeth which we are inevitable to extract in previous method.
We can give you great treatments because we are specialized institute for periodontal treatments.


We can prevent periodontal disease through cleaning periodontal bacteria. And periodontitis will not occur again in most cases, if the bacteria is stopped.
A large number of people had this disease and we were hard to stop it, however, it is proved that we can prevent the disease by proper maintenance.
We make a treatment plan for each patient and we practice the maintenance. Most people who receive our maintenance is freed from periodontal disease.

Infection control

Periodontal treatments are also the treatment for gum so, while the treatment, you will often bleed from gum. For example, in teeth brushing instruction and scaling. If the sterilization is not enough, nosocomial infection will occur such as AIDS and hepatitis. We sterilize not only instruments but also a toothbrush to achieve safe treatment without infection.

Background for high rated treatment

Dr. Ichimatu, our director, graduated from departure of dentistry of Nagasaki University in 1986 and entranced graduate school in the said university.
He studied periodontology specially.

In graduate school, he studied and investigated periodontology. His achievement was evaluated and reported in national magazines like Journal of Periodontal Research.
Still now, periodontal therapeutics is one of his specialties which he focus on.

Doctors and dental hygienists were trained enough. Our director is specialist and instructor of specialists certified by Japan Society of Periodontology and he joins in American Academy of Periodontology, European Federation of Periodontology and The Japanese Academy of Clinical Periodontology.
He participates or presents in their meetings positively.

In addition, vice-director(Ryusuke Yamaguti) finished graduate school of Nagasaki University and 2 dental hygienists are certified by Japan Society of Periodontology. 4 other dental hygienists are also trained well. They lead and support treatments.

Staffs always improve their knowledge of periodontology through study session, external seminar and meetings.
In study session, we talk about not only scaling and base of surgical oral treatment but also case analysis. All staff participant this session.
And that, in every Monday, doctors’ seminar is held.
We practice to provide high quality treatment for all patient.
Doctors and dental hygienists are often asked to present in external seminar because our periodontal treatments are appreciated.

Experienced staffs support high rated periodontal treatments.

Cases of periodontal treatment

【All case had been treated in our clinic.】

We can cure most of periodontitis and we will practice appropriate preventive treatment for patients who have no periodontitis.
In addition, our treatment keeps a possibility of relapse to a minimum.

We practice our goal “eating by your own teeth for life.”

Let us introduce some cases of periodontitis.

Case 1 Heavy periodontitis: Periodontal treatment and 10 years success

This patient came because he had felt the lower right tooth moving, but not only that tooth but also he had heavy periodontitis as a whole.
Gum had been swollen and pus had flown here and there. He had bad breath and it was rapid case so, if he had not minded it, he would lose most teeth.

On the X-ray image, most of his alveolar bone had melt. It is character of heavy periodontitis.

Treatment had been finished. His gum becomes tight, there are no pus.
But unfortunately, gum tends to be down in these cases because gum will be tight. However, we can prevent that teeth fall out and improve bad breath.

This is an X-ray image after treatment finished. We can see more the alveolar bone than before. He lost two lower right teeth but we improved the part by implant treatment.

He comes to receive maintenance now and 10 years passed from his first visiting. Gum is pink color and keeps healthy condition.

This is an X-ray took in 10th year since he came for the first time but, periodontitis is not seen. Such as this case, we can cure periodontitis and get long term success. If he does not receive treatment like this, he probably loses most of his tooth. It was really great that he received our treatment.

Case 2 Periodontal plastic surgery and we got long term success

His gum had been down because of too powerful brushing. Root of teeth was about to be decayed, so we told him right brushing method (i-PC) and we cured his periodontitis by scaling (i-SC). After that, we recovered his gum with periodontal plastic surgery (i-surgery).

2 weeks later, we heaped gum up just a little more.

6 years and 4 months later, he receives maintenance in our clinic. You can see that his gum is kept stable for long time.

Case 3 Severe gingival recession

Due to periodontitis and too powerful brushing, his most gum had been down. His teeth had been hypersensitivity and roots of teeth was about to be decayed.

We told him right brushing method (i-PC) and we cured his periodontitis by scaling (i-SC). In this case, front part was worst, so we recovered it with periodontal plastic surgery (i-surgery). 11 months later, here is no need to worry about decayed teeth and hypersensitivity was cured.

Case 4 Regeneration treatment ; we could help a tooth which we usually extract

The back tooth of lower left jaw had been swollen repeatedly and he could not bite. We saw swollen gum and there was no alveolar bone under the back tooth of right.

We carried out basic treatments (i-PC and i-SC), after that, we recovered his gum with regeneration treatment (i-surgery). The part enclosed in red line had no bone.

3 years later, we can see the lost bone came back perfectly.

9years later, we receives maintenance in our clinic. He hardly have any relapse and he can bite now. Like this case, we can recover lost periodontal tissue (bone and gum) and disease will not occur again if you receive maintenance.

Case 5 Regeneration and implant treatment for heavy periodontitis

His upper left tooth had been lost and the others had been loose. The upper teeth had been loose so they were rather prominent. Gum was swollen and he had bad breath.

In X-ray image, he had lost most of alveolar bone. He had heavy periodontitis.

We treated his periodontitis. 5years and 6 months later, gum is not swollen and teeth moving and bad breath are cured.

We can see that he still has a lot of his own teeth and get well. We treated some section with regeneration and implant treatment.

As above, we treat severe periodontitis and other difficult cases. In this page, we show you only 5 cases but, a large number of our patients implement “eating by my own teeth for life.”

If you have any worries about periodontitis and you are interested in perevention, please feel free to come by all means.

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