Our office

Second parking place
Please drive to get here.
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Please feel free to speak to us if you have any question.
Inside of office
We have six private rooms to keep you private, so our conversatin can't be heard from outside.<br>
These also prevent infection.
Treatment rooms
Treatment rooms are spacious and clean.
There are outside oral cavity vacuums, oxygen and laughing gas supply ports and PCs in each room.
Outside oral cavity vacuum pumps up powder dust and we use laughing gas if you get nervous.
We can correspond to emergency smoothly because of an oxygen supply ports.
We use computers when we explain treatments, so you can get clear and polite information.
The deta of treatments is also saved in computers.
Consultation room
Doctors and dental hygienists listen to your worries and explain treatments in this room
while showing X-ray images or photographs of your mouth.
Library for materials
Models of teeth are keeped on every patient carefully.
Staff room
Once a week, we have study session in this room.
We think "Education and improvement makes high rated treatment."
X-ray room
Upper: entrance of operating room
Lower: X-ray room
We take X-ray only in X-ray room; we have three x-ray rooms incruding operating room.
To keep being exposed to radiation to a minimum, we have patient wear a leaden cloth.

Operating room

Operating room is sterilized by special filter.
This room is also X-ray room because leaden is embedded in wall, so we take a X-ray even in the middle of operation.
Surgery filter
Air in operating room is sterilized through this surgery filter.
In this room, we have a shadowless light with camera which kindles affected part.
Operator looks video from the cameras while operation.
The video supports that our treatment and surgical techniques get more higher quality.
Sterilization check
We check operation room's air if it'll be clean or not.
Film viewer
There is a large light box for CT which useful to diagnose it correctly.
Oxygen and laughing gas
Oxygen and laughing gas
Surgical vacuum
It is special vacuum which pumps up blood, saliva and irrigation water.
Hand washing space
Large sink is established in opetating room.
Surgical hand-washing, cleaning not only our hands but also arms perfectly, is important.

Sterilizing room

We set a large sterilizing room to clean instruments and prevent infection.
This area is essential to implement our policy, &quot;Clean dental treatment.

South side
There is a big ultrasonic waves washer for metal tools in the main.
East side
Metal tools are sterilized in high-pressure steam cleaner after washing.
Six sterilizers, including two express high -pressure steam cleaners, fully operated.
West side
Plastic tools sterilized by chemical solution in a fume hood.
Chemical solution gas will be cleaned through active carbon filter,and then, discharged to out of office.
North side
Sterilized tools are sorted here.

As the above, all used instruments are sterilized.
This is our policy, giving safety treatments which shut out infection.

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